Stephen Ian Voglewede
Stephen Ian Voglewede
Interim President & CEO

Stephen Ian Voglewede is an El Paso native who currently serves as the Director of Performance & Innovation for the El Paso Chamber.

Stephen left El Paso to earn a BA in Chemistry from Brown University as well as a BA in Computer Science from San Jose State University. Following his graduation, he worked in a variety of roles in the biotech industry in the Bay Area. After moving back to El Paso, Stephen worked as the Assistant Director of Business Development for the Biomedical Institute of the Americas and Medical Center of the Americas Foundation.

In 2018, after completing an MBA at UTEP, Stephen began working at the El Paso Chamber. In his current role, Stephen oversees performance to targets, management of the Innovation portfolio, and acts as Secretary for the Board of Directors. Additionally, Stephen oversees the program portfolio of EPC, which includes coaching, communication strategy, and events. Stephen also works closely with the CEO each year to revise long-term goals.

Stephen is husband to one of El Paso’s “Teachers of the Year” and father to three children who are trained to take over the world.

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