Complex Healthcare in the Time of COVID

 In Coaching, Connecting

The Journal of the American Medical Association recently published a piece on the management of healthcare during and post-COVID. While we started this month examining trends in the economy of healthcare, this piece caught our attention for two reasons: its trend analysis for specific elements of care, and its insight into how collaboration between business and healthcare might be laid out.

For example, the essay points out that telemedicine is likely to become much more normalized moving forward. Examining a strategy that would allow technology partners to build up that space could be a worthy investment of time. The essay also points to needs in healthcare that call for better communication and collaboration across a variety of sectors of healthcare and healthcare related business. The idea that new needs are evolving for things like delivery and patient contact open space for thinking about how businesses might fill in those gaps.

As with many trends in healthcare and with the Chamber’s continued focused on COVID-19, we will stay active in this space and look forward to working with members to build capacity, opportunities, and partnerships in healthcare.

To read the JAMA piece, click here