COVID-19 and Leadership Priorities for Boards

 In Advocating, Coaching

As the Chamber builds its resource pool for the post-pandemic era, one factor of leadership, governance, has us focused on best practices emerging from research and global dialogues. The World Economic Forum released a white paper on board governance over the summer that has fueled our interest in coaching governance and strategies of leadership.

While the document focuses on board leadership, there are several takeaways that could benefit enterprises of all sizes. The first point of the white paper is that, “Boards must align their strategic and particularly capital allocation priorities with key drivers of long-term value creation.” In our own coaching for businesses since the pandemic started, we have emphasized this very point and will continue to coach that every business needs to see value creation as a longer timeframe process.

Additionally the report suggests boards should work to positively impact the operating context of their enterprise. As Chamber President David Jerome suggests in this week’s opening essay, resilience can be fostered alongside value that connects companies with stakeholders as broadly as possible.

To read the overview and download the white paper, click here.