Dollar and Sense Podcast on Re-imagining the Economy Post COVID

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The Brookings Institution has released a new episode of their Dollar and Sense podcast. The newest installment features several Brookings’ scholars and their take on the global economy as it moves into 2021 and ostensibly past the challenges of the pandemic.

The short terms challenges to the global economy, many of which we have faced in the El Paso region, will see some resolution in 2021. More importantly, the possibility of creating more inclusive on-ramps to the global economy are possible.

The EPC chamber is focused on advocacy to create these on-ramps and to stimulate policy solutions that enhance the local economy and take advantage of our geography and physical proximity to our major trading partner in Mexico. The podcast synthesizes one set of perspectives that are detailed on a Brookings page with various reports forecasting 2021.

To listen to the podcast, click here.

To read the various reports that make up the Brookings perspective on the global economy, post the pandemic, click here.