EPC Continues Commitment to Infrastructure

 In Advocating, Connecting

In El Paso, transportation infrastructure is important for regional mobility and cross-border trade. Transportation, however, is only one part of the infrastructure necessary to keep El Paso running. When one considers utilities, quality of life projects, and even “soft” infrastructure pieces like data and telephone lines, the elements of infrastructure become complex and highly dynamic. Over the last two years, the El Paso Chamber has focused its efforts on making El Paso more competitive, innovative, and efficient through infrastructure development.

Towards this end, the Chamber has continued to cultivate strong relationships with the utilities in the community; the Chamber is especially pleased that Adrian Rodriguez from El Paso Electric and Elizabeth O’Hara from Texas Gas are on our board. As homegrown talent, their insights have been integral in shaping the Chamber’s efforts and furthering development.

Over the course of the last year and half, the Chamber has also set up a Transportation Committee that has worked with members to educate them on transportation needs and infrastructure development that can come to El Paso. The Chamber has advocated for a downtown green cap over I-10 and the widening of I-10 through downtown. The Chamber has taken a lead in organizing various stakeholders and serving as a repository for research and conversations about this particular project. The Chamber not only has the bandwidth to advocate and push for innovation in this space, our resources and efforts are committed to engaging in a well-informed debate about the role of transportation and the scope and impact of these types of projects.

On a more individual basis, the Chamber has increased its coaching efforts to help members be competitive in bidding for state and federal projects related to infrastructure. There are substantial opportunities for businesses to benefit from infrastructure projects; it is vital that businesses have insights into procurement processes in order to effectively leverage their business’ assets to win state and federal contracts. The Chamber’s event calendar has more of these coaching sessions coming, especially for small and medium enterprises.

Finally, the Chamber has a solid commitment to the City of El Paso’s Quality of Life projects. These projects are dynamic additions to the city’s infrastructure, and they are projects that the citizens of El Paso want and deserve. The Chamber remains committed to supporting these projects, to serving as a resource for members to learn about these projects, and to empower members to advocate for the completion of these projects.

As has been the case with many other plans, the global pandemic has had an effect both on the timelines and scope of the infrastructure projects planned in El Paso. Yet these projects are perhaps even more crucial at this moment to help fuel the economy and to propel recovery. The Chamber continues to be committed to supporting and propelling infrastructure developments; we hope we can inspire you to look at infrastructure from a new perspective.