Innovation and the Biden Era

 In Innovating

As the January inauguration of Joe Biden comes closer, the EPC has been focused on understanding the economic strategies likely to emerge from this White House. While the US Ambassador to Mexico and the US Trade Representative have not be named, immediately after these significant appointments, the Chamber is watching cabinet appointments at the Department of Commerce, the Department of Transportation, and across the spectrum of defense-related appointments. We poised to advance a dynamic advocacy agenda that emphasizes regional strengths and innovation in every form.

As the premier hub of connecting, coaching, advocating, and innovating, we concur with the analysis of Joe Crowley, a senior policy adviser at Squire Patton Boggs in Washington, who wrote an opinion piece in Fortune this past month arguing that the Biden Administration needs to frame innovation as a tool to charge up the economy and get recovery on track.

We are supportive of Crowley’s perspective as it relates to small and medium enterprises, particularly those in the manufacturing sector; he believes the President-elect will and should focus on these enterprises to shore up the US economy and to advance R&D with implications for the broader economy.

Our agenda will continue to focus on these developments in Washington and Austin as 2021 beckons.

To read the Crowley piece, click here.