Mentoring During a Crisis

 In Coaching

Three professors at the University of Michigan Medical School recently penned an essay in the Harvard Business Review on mentoring in the midst of crisis. As the Chamber has focused efforts on coaching through the pandemic, this article spoke to us for several reasons; chief among them the power of mentoring at critical moments wrapped in crises.

The article offers valuable insight to preparing oneself to mentor, particularly in terms of formulating self-awareness and securing one’s own bandwidth and stability before mentoring. The necessity of finding common ground is also discussed in the article, as is the need to determine a mentee’s emotional state. While the article is written from the point of view of mentors in frontline, crisis-oriented occupations, the current pandemic is creating an environment that is transforming many occupations into “frontline” positions.

We found the article insightful and useful to think about in this moment and it certainly will have resonance as we turn the corner on the pandemic.

To read the HBR article, click here.