El Paso 2030

In Fall 2019, the El Paso Chamber hosted a day-long “State of Business” conference to bring together the best local and regional minds. Attendees were asked to consider two questions: “What is it like to do business in our region today?”’ And two, “What do we want business to look like in 2030?”

We collected the attendees’ thoughts and ideas and asked Dr. Tim Jones of Future Agenda to lead a session with a smaller cross-section of the El Paso Community. Participants reviewed a lit of macros trends impacting global business and selected the ten they expected to be the most important for the El Paso region in the next decade.

We distilled the findings from both events into ten key insights on economic trends for the next decade. We hope you’ll explore these insights to spark conversations about the future of the economy in El Paso region and what business will look like in 2030.