7 Steps to Build A City’s Reputation and Visibility for Competitiveness and Resilience

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As El Paso grapples with the fallout of COVID-19, it is important to examine how other markets have defined themselves and asserted their place in the national and global economy. While a period of economic stress might not seem like an obvious time to cultivate new industries, harnessing emerging sectors in a local economy can be an important tool to build a community’s resilience.

Given the global turmoil COVID-19 has caused and the need to rebuild, Brookings Institute recently released a report that offers seven distinct steps for cities looking to reconstruct the reputation and visibility.

While the steps outlined in the report are intuitive, the methodology is significant because it has collated data from a range of global cities committed to building their resilience. The first step, assessing need, lays out a variety of questions to be explored, like: “Is the identity known and understood, and by whom? How strong is the identity relative to assets? What are the costs or weaknesses of the current approach? What are the gaps to bridge or opportunities to take?” These kinds of questions, the report argues, need to be the starting point for open discussions.

The remaining six steps and the data associated with the project are all available through the Brookings’ website.

To read the Brookings summary, click here.

To download the whole report, click here.