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The Texas Transportation Commission’s inclusion of this important local project opens the door to $750 million, creates jobs, makes main street El Paso safer and more environmentally sustainable while also enhancing quality of life.

Today, the Texas Transportation Commission announced state transportation projects that are to be included in the 2022 Unified Transportation Plan (UTP).  Improvements to El Paso’s Interstate 10 are included in the proposed 2022 UTP.

“The El Paso Chamber’s Mobility Coalition thanks the Texas Transportation Commission for Segment 2’s inclusion in the UTP.  This much needed project for our community will make our region more economically competitive while directly and indirectly stimulating the local economy to the tune of close to one billion dollars.  This ultimately means jobs for El Pasoans,” said David Jerome, President and CEO of the El Paso Chamber.

Members of El Paso’s state delegation are expressing support for the project.

“Through our hard work and advocacy, El Paso is one step closer to the needed repairs and construction of I-10 around downtown. I appreciate the Texas Transportation Commission for listening to the needs of our region and investing in our future. Once completed, I-10 Segment 2 will improve mobility, ease congestion, reduce pollution and be a boon for our economy,” said Cesar Blanco, Texas State Senator.

“I am very excited that Segment 2 was placed on the UTP.  As a member of the House Transportation Committee, I know that communities from across the state are constantly competing for transportation projects and funding.  Communities that succeed never stop planning and neither can El Paso.  This project addresses one of our community’s most pressing mobility concerns,” said Lina Ortega, Texas State Representative.

Included in the UTP is the Segment 2 portion of Interstate 10 which extends from Executive Center to Loop 478 (Copia Street).  Placement of the project in the UTP authorizes construction dollars to be expended on this project over the next ten years.  The Segment 2 portion of 1-10 represents the most congested segment of I-10 in El Paso as well as a segment that is in need of reconstruction.  TxDOT’s 2043 projections show that without improvements, average speed in Segment 2 will be approximately 17 mph during peak times.  With the proposed improvements, TxDOT’s traffic model shows average speed at approximately 56 mph.