May EPC Business Highlight: Vincorion
May EPC Business Highlight: Vincorion

Every month, the El Paso Chamber highlights one member business to impart their business acumen and learnings about doing business in El Paso. This month, we selected Vincorion to be our May Business Highlight. President/CEO, Yvan Drewinsky, shares with us what makes his business a success.

What does it mean to be a member of the El Paso Chamber?

For us being a member of EPC, is to be part of a larger picture, with the ability to meet, network and utilize the synergies of all the members. It is also the capabilities that EPC has to offer by providing us with the necessary support for our future expansion. It is a huge think tank where all issues and challenges can be exchanged, discussed and brought to a resolution.

What is so special about doing business in El Paso?

The region, the culture, the hardworking people, the charm of the southwest, the humbleness of the people, the resilience and the dedication of the people to achieve more.

What is one word that describes your business and why?

Tailored solutions. In-depth dialogue with our customers that we use to develop customized solutions, which offer to our customers unique selling propositions.

What makes your business successful?

Always looking forward. Empower our people, take care of them, and they will take care of our customers.

Elevator Pitch on what your business means to the community and how they contribute to the community.

Utilizing the local assets in our daily productions. Contribute to the growth of El Paso, by bringing additional programs to this facility. Developing new concepts, requiring more qualified local personnel. Be part of this community by supporting the city as well as out troops.

What is your favorite business quote?

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Theodore Roosevelt

What is one take away that you have learned from business?

Never make assumptions. Admit your mistakes. Accept failure as a part of your journey.