Working at Home, Sitting Wrong?

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For many of us, the transition to working at home has meant not only adjusting schedules and delivery dates for projects, but also setting up space to work. For many the “reconstruction” of an office environment at home has been challenging. Lack of space, poor lighting, fussy WiFi, and inadequate seating can make the transition all the more difficult. Based on the view from Zoom meetings, ergonomic office chairs and “smart” office environments have been replaced by living room couches and kitchen tables.

The challenges of sitting in a way that is healthy for your neck, back, and body are ever-present in the work at home era. The Chamber, a fan of TED and its associated presentations, is excited to share a recent TED exploration about sitting and posture for at-home workers. The essay,

“You’re sitting wrong and your back knows it,” is rife with helpful advice. The piece is an adaption of an interview with Esther Gokhale—posture expert, acupuncturist, and creator of the Gokhale Method—and in it she explains her thoughts on appropriately adjusting posture for at-home work. At the bottom of the page, you can find the TED talk that Gorkhale gave at TEDxStanford, which lays out her concerns and offers additional advice about how to sit at work, whether that’s in an office or at home.

The Gorkhale interview and TEDtalk are accessible here